White Paper: Newly Emerging Best Practices for Big Data

Big data dramatically expands IT’s scope of responsibility with new data types, new methods of analysis, new storage and processing platforms, and new user expectations. Now that we have almost a decade of experience with big data, a set of best practices has emerged that can Read More

White Paper: Evolving Role of the Enterprise Data Warehouse in the Era of Big Data Analytics

The enterprise data warehouse (EDW) community has entered a new realm of meeting new and growing business requirements in the era of big data. Common challenges include: Extreme integration Semi- and unstructured data sources Petabytes of behavioral and image data accessed through MapReduce/Hadoop Massively parallel relational Read More

Industry Standard Data Models Fall Short

Industry-standard data models are an appealing concept at first blush, but they aren’t the time savers they are cracked up to be. What’s more, these prebuilt models may inhibit data warehouse project success. Vendors and proponents argue that standard, prebuilt models allow for more rapid, less Read More

Extreme Status Tracking For Real Time Customer Analysis

We live in a world of extreme status tracking, where our customer-facing processes are capable of producing continuous updates on the transactions, locations, online gestures, and even the heartbeats of customers. Marketing folks and operational folks love this data because real-time decisions can be made to Read More

Three ETL Compromises to Avoid

Whether you are developing a new dimensional data warehouse or replacing an existing environment, the ETL (extract, transform, load) implementation effort is inevitably on the critical path. Difficult data sources, unclear requirements, data quality problems, changing scope, and other unforeseen problems often conspire to put the Read More

Six Key Decisions for ETL Architectures

This article describes six key decisions that must be made while crafting the ETL architecture for a dimensional data warehouse. These decisions have significant impacts on the upfront and ongoing cost and complexity of the ETL solution and, ultimately, on the success of the overall BI/DW Read More