The Kimball Group is a focused team of senior consultants specializing in the design of effective data warehouses to deliver enhanced business intelligence. Through consulting, education, and writing, we help organizations leverage the information that’s collected by their operational systems to make better business decisions. We pioneered this industry. Although what we do is no longer unique, how we go about doing it most definitely is.

Averaging over 25 years of experience in the field, our vendor-independent team has the know-how to relate to a broad range of client situations, and the insight to react to the elements that make each distinct. Plus the aptitude and attitude to look out for our clients’ best interests at all times. We wrote the best-selling books on dimensional modeling and DW/BI methodology. And every day, we surround our clients with more ways to make smarter decisions.

That’s why we’re the industry leader in DW/BI methodology, design and education, especially when it comes to dimensional modeling. Although many of our competitors are larger, none are more experienced or relentlessly practical.

Kimball Group on Bench
Ralph Kimball

Ralph Kimball founded the Kimball Group. Since the mid-1980s, he has been the DW/BI industry’s thought leader on the dimensional approach and trained more than 20,000 students. Prior to working at Metaphor and founding Red Brick Systems, Ralph co-invented the first commercially-available workstation with a graphical user interface at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Ralph has his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Margy Ross

Margy Ross is President of the Kimball Group. She has focused exclusively on DW/BI since 1982 with an emphasis on business requirements and dimensional modeling. Margy graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University.

Bob Becker

Bob Becker has helped clients across a variety of industries with their DW/BI challenges and solutions since 1991, including extensive work with health care insurers. Bob has a BSB in Marketing from the University of Minnesota’s School of Business.

Julie Kimball

Julie Kimball focuses on the Kimball Group’s business affairs, working behind the scenes. Julie has a BA in Spanish from Stanford and an MA in Speech and Language Pathology from San Jose State.

Joy Mundy

Joy Mundy has concentrated on DW/BI systems since 1992. Prior to joining the Kimball Group, she managed the BI best practices team for Microsoft’s SQL Server BI product development organization. Joy graduated from Tufts University with a BA in Economics and from Stanford with a MS in Engineering Economic Systems.

Nancy Rinn

Nancy Rinn is the Kimball Group’s Communication Coordinator, managing our blog posts, LinkedIn alumni group, website/social media, and mailings. Her data warehouse roots date back to the 1980s. Nancy has BAs in both History and Social Sciences from the University of Minnesota.

Warren Thornthwaite

Warren Thornthwaite (1957-2014) began his DW/BI career in 1980 with stints at Metaphor, Stanford, and Microsoft’s WebTV before joining the Kimball Group. He received a BA in Communications Studies from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Decision Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Sadly, Warren passed away on May 9, 2014 after a 14-month battle with an aggressive brain tumor.